Who, Moi?


My name is Kristyn. I’m a Senior Marketing Copywriter at Getty Images by day, and editor/founder of the music & art blog (and zine) Left Bank by night.  I have a Masters in Media Communications from Webster University (plus a short time abroad at Regent’s University London) and a Bachelors in Communication-Journalism from Truman State University.

I’m very fond of listening to jazz records, speaking and reading French, devouring news, listening to NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell me podcast, international travel (usually to Paris or Montréal), and reading beaucoup de livres (lots and lots of books). New York is pretty cool too.

My work ethic and creative output is the combination of my time in the Midwest, London, and NYC. 

My last name is Potter. Like Harry.

(P.S. you can contact me at kristynpotter85@gmail.com)