Hot in Herre on 104.1

August 14, 2010

Grammy winning artist, Nelly debuts on the radio once again, this time as an on-air radio DJ. Nelly will serve an approximate one month stint at the urban radio station Hot 104.1 as the afternoon host, filling the weekday 3 p.m.- 7 p.m. slot for Staci Static, who is on maternity leave.

Nelly claims that taking over the show for Static is his way of providing entertainment for the city and giving back to a radio station that has supported his music over the years.

It’s hard to decide whether Nelly’s jump into the corporate world of Radio One is a form of selling himself out for the sake of capitalism or whether he really is trying to hold it down for the city. When 104.1’s ratings are increased due to the celebrity’s ability to gain listeners and snag interviews, it won’t be a stroke of luck but more of a stroke of genius.

Sounds like the company is using a star to generate revenue and audience, if only for a month, unless Nelly is just strapped for cash.  However, being part owner of the Bobcat’s doesn’t exactly scream broke.

Daps and Hugs to 104.1 for bringing a St. Louis star back on the radio. Maybe Chuck Berry will be next.


Published by Kristyn Potter

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