The Single Files: The Fast and the Luxurious

The Single Files: The Fast and the Luxurious

February 4, 2011

By Kristyn Potter, 3’s a Fiesta Columnist

You sleep with your phone by your bed. You put your phone on ring whilst showering, jumping for joy when you hear your ringtone- Britney Spears “Toxic”. You dropped your phone in the sink full of water, dirty dishes, and an excessive amount of bubbles because you got a text and made the attempt to read it.

You immediately updated Twitter and Facebook with statuses notifying friends that your phone was now temporarily out of commission and to contact you via message.

Even now you check your phone every few sentences you read, to see if you have a new text.

His name is temptation and he is the devil in disguise.

I always wondered why guys had such an incredible hold on my wavering attention: carefully crafting my next response to the man of the moment while making my bed, thinking of a funny story to tell him to showcase my wit, sneaking him into my prayers at night.

And, it’s no secret that his love and affection was only half of what I desired. Let’s get serious.

Eventually, however, the new car smell would wear off, inevitably, and before you know it, it’s 2011 and you’re stuck with last year’s model and no warranty.

Like any woman with an overactive imagination and too much time on her hands, I compared my past flings to cars during a recent conversation with a friend. I could probably compare my experiences to jewelry, perhaps television shows, or cellular telephone brands. But, what I know is cars. Lots and lots of cars.

My first ex, back in highschool, was a black Volkswagen Jetta: smooth, reliable, and crisp. Yet, like every Jetta, he had a remarkable fast side to him- cutting corners and creeping around. He cheated on me.

My second ex was similar to the Jetta, but he was more of a Chevy Cobalt- red and exciting. He was All-American, sporty and sexy. And, reliable, as far as American cars are concerned. But, upon moving to sunny Florida a few years after the relationship began, he and our relationship started to break down.

An ex in college was a four-door Ferrari. Before you ask, yes they do make Ferrari’s with four-doors … I know because it is my cousins “family car”. This ex was hot, with a smooth and sporty finish, zipped around the world pretentiously and unapologetically, and gave off the utmost dignified persona. His four-doors signified to me stability and security, acknowledging that while he was Fast and Furious, he also had the resemblance of a family man. I was fooled by his exterior.

All in all, I have dated Jetta’s, ’92 Camaros, BMW’s, and even an old school throwback Caprice Classic with the nerve to have hydraulics and a killer paint job. I valued this diversity of taste and more importantly, what each of these models symbolized.

Through all of these adventures, I have come to a conclusion. While my “Mr. Right Now” is a crimson coupe, with tinted windows and personalized plates, my “Mr. Forever” is a Mercedes E Class Sedan- luxurious, stable, high-performance, and above all, a family car.

Everyone values different things- whether in a house or apartment (townhouse with ceramic tiles in the kitchen or warm, brick home with mahogany accents). In the car they drive- sporty coupe like a Celica or reliable and sturdy like a Range. Or perfume that they wear- sweet and subtle like Jacobs’ Daisy or bold and proud like Chanel No. 5. These individual preferences are what make us unique. After all, it’s what is on the inside that counts: cream leather seats, chrome features, a high-performance engine and a sunroof to brighten my day.

Published in College Femme Magazine


Published by Kristyn Potter

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