I’m a Sap

Two years ago to this very date I graduated from college. Typically people are like, mer mer it feels like it was yesterday, but honestly, it feels like it was two years ago.

In that time I have dated as many guys as there have been months, remarkable I know, spent the first summer out of college depressed and finding enlightenment in my sketchbook, traveled to Southern California and Phoenix for the first time, launched a magazine and had some international and national interviews/accomplishments, raised about $250 for Red Cross for Japan, failed miserably at the GRE, cried over failing miserably at the GRE, lived in the loop and did all things hipster, got a job at a bookstore which secured my ideal job out of grad school (Simon and Schuster I’m after you), got my first apartment that’s all my own (muahaha) in downtown St. Louis, marveled in pretensions over my downtown solace of snobbery, got rejected from grad school at Arizona State (see: GRE epic fail), got an AWESOME job with awesome people at the casino, got into grad school at Webster, got an internship at St. Louis’ NPR station that fall, got an assistantship at a REALLY cool office on campus that spring, got my car broken into, lost my voice for the first time in my life, and am on my way to London in 10 days.

Whew. 2 years does not feel like yesterday, it feels like a lifetime.

Thank you Truman State for graduating me, allowing me to fail miserably at some things and epicly accomplish others, and for helping me realize my true potential despite all of the roadblocks along the way (see: GRE epic fail).

It’s sappy and ridiculous to say, but I will forever be indebted to Truman State (see: college loan costs) and honestly feel that what I learned, who I met while in school, and the character that was built during undergrad has helped shape my post-graduate career/life. I’ll always hold TSU as the place that started it all.

Even though, I must say, I do not miss Kirksville one bit.


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