London 2012

March 1, 2012

I haven’t blogged here in a while (too busy fbgm’ing) but with BIG changes in the 2012 year, I decided that it would be best to selfishly document my experiences (to share with my troubled and unfortunate offspring when that time comes) and also to serve as a spotlight into my life and present location for my family and friends.

So, unless we are friends on Facebook or you follow me on Twitter (which, you should, because I obsess over my follower count like a Bad Girl Club member working on international fame), you have no idea (or care) about my summer plans.

Alas, let me share with you!

I’m spending the entire summer in London, studying at Webster Graduate College (Regent’s College in Regent’s Park), planning on spending my days in class and at the London Library (omg so excited!) and spending my nights at pubs and museums.

This journey started when I entered graduate school and was given information on the countless study abroad opportunities that Webster offered. Studying abroad, especially in London, had been something I wanted to do in my undergraduate years but I just didn’t have the money to afford it. Being a broke college student sucked, let me tell you.

Webster offers such a great study abroad program that its impossible to overlook! The tuition is the exact same as if I were taking classes in St. Louis (in USD, not hiked up to pounds either), and with housing options, and a travel award for the flight, there was really nothing stopping me.

So, my blogs for the most part will stay the same- info on news around the world that pisses me off, photographs that I randomly take on my crappy iphone 3G (thanks Tuck for letting me borrow it!), TONS of music videos and concert reviews, and now, blogs that document my process of getting to London, and of course my time spent abroad.

I obsess over UK media (and have been for a few years now), so I get most of my new music and rave-worthy dance party mixes from BBC Radio 1, so check out this new song by Labrinth which also serves as my theme song for this year.



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