My Own Sunshine, 2008

My Own Sunshine, 2008.

When it first began,
There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky
The sun arose every day with a light unlike any other
And filled the sky, and the world
With laughter, joy, and love
There was a flower
A single flower
That counted on the suns rays more than anything else
The sun was its hope
Its foundation
And its only source of happiness.
When the sun was in the sky, the little flower knew no bad thoughts
And when the sun retreated for the night and allowed the moon to fill its spot
The flower willingly accepted the moon to fill its void
And dreamt of nothing more than rainbows and butterflies
For, the flower knew, that without the sun
Its happiness would cease
And without the cloudless sky, that the flower had grown to love
Its heart would be shattered with nothing more than mere memories
The flower knew the sun would never leave its side,
But, with the blink of an eye,
Clouds began to fill the sky
And the flower was drenched in the sadness of the rain
The despair filled its heart,
For it and the sun were forevermore apart
And the flower knew not what would come of her own life.
For two full years,
the world was entrenched in tears
Because the sky could feel the flowers pain
Her heart was but a half,
without the sun
And she knew that no one, could ever replace its void…
And she didn’t even try to make the attempt.
The flower began to wilt and oftentimes thought itself dead
Because without the suns love, the flower hadn’t much reason to live.
One cloudy, lonely day,
the rains began to stop
And the tears of the flower were halted, maybe for good,
But one can only dream.
In the midst of the days sky,
There was a light in the far end
And the flowers petals began to bloom,
bloom like they had never bloomed before.
The whole land was filled with joy, for it was a light
unlike any light she had seen before
That was cast on the world once more.
The flower woke up that day and felt a vast amount of love in her heart,
Love that she had never felt before
She looked into the sky and recognized the warmth
For it was the warmth of the beating of her own heart
It was not love that had rejuvenated her, or an existence to fill her void
But her mere existence that created the cloudless sky
It wasn’t the sun that she needed to make herself feel complete,
She was complete, and happy, and warm all by herself
Her Self love had filled the sky,
And not a cloud would return again,
for the tears of her heart had ceased to fall.
She looked into the sky,
As if she were looking into a mirror
And said to the sky,
That had once broken her heart,
Please don’t take MY sunshine away.


Published by Kristyn Potter

Founder of Left Bank Media. Editor of Left Bank Magazine. Copywriter. I write about music, and New York mostly.