What Happens In The Valley Doesn’t Stay In The Valley

After weeks of blogging on tech companies and the legal disasters that they are getting themselves into, finally newspapers and magazines are recognizing the large and significant effect that tech giants and startups alike are having on politics, the economy, and overall social structure. There is a reason that patent trolls are stalking tech giants and tech startups for patent violations, why Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are in the news EVERYDAY, and why legal battles between Yahoo, Google, Apple, etc. are proving these companies to be more dangerous than the mafia. Technology and social media has not only changed the way that we look at the world, but also how we operate within the world both as an individual and in our separate cohorts.

This article by TIME (view article) was the biggest literary sigh of relief that I have had in a while. More people need to recognize the breadth and depth of influence that these tech Gods are having on our society, until waiting until something drastic happens in privacy or IP case law that makes people realize that what happens in The Valley, doesn’t just stay in The Valley.



Published by Kristyn Potter

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