On the Pursuit of Happiness, Most Notably Food and A Public Restroom.

On the Pursuit of Happiness, Among Other Things, Most Notably Food and A Public Restroom.

Well, this is new for me.

I sat down for my second meal of the day at 7 p.m. after running around for what feels like forever. My dinner spot ended up being some hole pizza shop that serves wine and beer (tempted, let me tell you) off of the Bedford Avenue stop in Williamsburg. I didn’t intentionally come to this place, although my massively large pizza and pleased palette would beg to differ. I was on my way to a newish sports bar in Williamsburg to write a review for a nightlife website that I contribute to. I had been running around all over Brooklyn today, so naturally my iphone 5 gave up on me as soon as I stepped off the G at the Metropolitan stop. I had memorized my directions because I just knew this kind of thing would happen, and walked in the direction of my location.

Problem is, once I arrived to the restaurant to sit down and eat—I had been waiting exactly 44 minutes for this moment- they told me that they did not in fact have a dinner menu yet, as it was a new restaurant and they hadn’t had the kitchen set up. Okay, that’s reasonable, I thought to myself before asking, “What’s the name of this place?” My casual tone was probably unconvincing as I was tired from walking around and my stomach was an empty vessel of abandonment. His response was far from the restaurant I was supposed to review, so as I walked outside I was sure to catch a look at the address to make sure I wasn’t crazy.

Same address.

I should’ve known when I called the number on their Facebook page and had a “I’m sorry but the number you’ve reached has been disconnected or no longer in use,” message, that something was wrong. I decided to walk down the street in a desperate attempt to conceive a food baby, and ended up in Griggs Pizza place. I got a four cheese pizza that hit the spot- although I am currently dying for some meat. Earlier in the day I viewed an apartment in Ditmas Park, spent some time at Coney Island to think about life and the things that I want out of it, and headed to Park Slope to drop off a rental application for an apartment that I found in Sunset Park.

I have been on almost every subway line in Brooklyn, to the point that I can recite the different stops, and I am currently sitting at Griggs contemplating getting a glass of wine before I head to Sidewalk Café to meet my friends and hear some awesome bands. Whoever is counting, be sure to add Griggs pizza to the list of places that I have charged my phone, including but not limited to, New York Public Library, Brooklyn Public Library Brooklyn Heights Branch, Sidewalk Café, some random pop up pizza job in Brooklyn, and Dunkin Donuts in Clinton Hill.

On second thought … a glass of white wine is exactly what this day needs.

And, here I sit, in Williamsburg, with a specialty pizza on a paper plate on a gray tray, a bottle of Gatorade, and a glass of white wine. Classiness and temporary happiness are attainable, let me tell you.

Now, pardon me while I double fist my beverages.


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  1. Kristyn, what a odd adventure you encountered! But Hey at least you got get pizza and wine. Right?

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