Write a letter to me

on the pavement

so I can spend my days

in a daze

desperately trying to wash it off

Craft a letter on the sidewalk

I’ve lost my appetite

I cant sleep

tell me how it feels

to have a dream

Hold my hands six feet down

keep me warm

I’m shaking

cant stop shaking

write a letter home,

telling them I’m already gone

On the pavement we can exist

a far jump from the clouds

written on the pavement

is where we will live

I’m in a daze

for the rest of my days

scrubbing our story off the pavement

Write a letter home

tell them I’m too cold

the clouds are a long way to fall


Published by Kristyn Potter

Founder of Left Bank Media. Editor of Left Bank Magazine. Copywriter. I write about music, and New York mostly.