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Today my dear bandmate texted me to tell me that I was going to be an inspiration for one of the characters in her upcoming novel that she was working on for National Novel Writing Month. Shit, I thought, I hope the character is the cool version of myself and not the introspective, deeply spastic, equally as random bibliophile.

This could get bad.

She consoled me, saying that it would be the “cooler” version (rejoice!) and then began to explain what her new novel would be about. A force overtook me and I decided at that moment that I would join the fun. I’ve been penning novels since 12, hell, I’d like to give this a go.

Hopefully this isn’t considered cheating, but this same time last year I wrote a collection of short stories (only 25 pages in length) titled “N” about random passengers on the ‘N’ train in New York City, with the train acting as a character that intertwined all of their stories into an almost tangible reality.

The friends that I sent it to enjoyed it, and in my Cabernet Sauvignon-induced state, I quite enjoyed writing it.

So- I’ve decided to expand on that short story collection to turn ‘N: A Collection of Short Stories’ into ‘N: A novel.’


The bio/info page of National Novel Writing Month asks for a description so here you are:

‘N’ is a four part novel that provides a quotidian, yet deep introspection into the passengers of the “N” subway train in New York City. Where moments can be as fleeting as people, ‘N.’ revives the commonplace, capturing the true essence of one’s New York existence.

Here goes.

UPDATED: Barnes and Noble via Facebook informed me that ‘The Night Circus’ and ‘Water Elephants’ – both bestsellers- were started during National Novel Writing Month. Yessssssssss.


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