Side Project: Left Bank Magazine

I decided to create Left Bank Magazine on a long subway ride home from work one evening- the “undiscovered” and underground art and music scene is quite inspiring, and I wanted to get more involved with it, as well as focus more on creating my own art.

In 2010, I launched what would become a fairly successful online magazine for the college demographic- a place for primarily female empowerment, a channel for global knowledge, and a venue to share personal art. At its peak, we had between 25-30 writers from California to Cairo, a few events under our belt, press coverage, content partnerships with a university and a “fiercely funny” comedy site for women, invitations to festivals across the globe, and a solid group of loyal readers.

It was quite the dream, but while an educational stint in London inspired me, graduate school had consumed me, and the project unfortunately fell slowly through the cracks. After moving to New York City, I found myself drawn once more to the places, people, and things that provide insight into the culture- street art, basement concerts, warehouse raves, open Mic nights in Brooklyn (where I read my first song on stage). There exists a clear need for self-expression, one that I’ve found happens from the small town where I first went to college, to the cities across the world that I’ve traveled.

Taking inspiration from the literary and artistically profound area of Paris, Left Bank Magazine seeks to uncover the literary, artistic, musical, and cultural talent of present generation- sharing muses and musings, presenting global culture and happenings in new ways, and cultivating the concept that what is weird, unknown, or undiscovered is integral for shaping culture and its counterparts.

I seriously love it, and I hope you will too; Check it here.



Published by Kristyn Potter

Founder of Left Bank Media. Editor of Left Bank Magazine. Copywriter. I write about music, and New York mostly.