Unknown forces


You’re nothing but a piece to me, an artery, an intestine; a lung. You are nothing but a warm heart that my body needs for a short period of time before I reject you and cast your limbs away.

Take a number; my body is here for the taking but not my mind. Watch me on film and tell me if you recognise 

the poses.

Exercise caution, one two three; take a gradual step; don’t let me see how weak you can be. 

Feel the pulsating drum beat and move to the rhythm, interrupt my system, make me bleed. Make me feel something, anything. Make me need 


One two three four

The troop steps in time to the intolerable requests of my mind; this is religion

My foot moves to the drum beat, another rhyme; your inadequacies are all I need to feel superior; show me how much you feel me.

It’s almost over and then you’re free; clean up whatever mess you’ve made, while I walk away, whatever you demand is unimportant now.

I’m the Queen of hearts and you’re my clown, here to make me moist, mist me, free me, leave. 

My narcissism has won, the battle is over; see yourself out


Published by Kristyn Potter

Founder of Left Bank Media. Editor of Left Bank Magazine. Copywriter. I write about music, and New York mostly.