Clean sidewalks

[spoken word/poetry]

This council meeting is called to order. Raise your hand if you’ve recently felt overburdened by the weight of the world simply from doing a small, mindless act like taking out the trash. 

Those large bins were made to overflow from consumption, sitting in the junkyard of materialism. Celebrate your spending, your material weight; the greed. Don’t forget to recycle. 

I see the strain in your eyes; the dump was running out of space, while the suns rays crashed down on your back like an undertow, the sheer force of nature exposing your fallibility. And, for just a moment, when the rational mind short circuits under pressure, were you not the most free?

There are ions of space and time yet to be filled; we are robots engaged in manifest destiny.

We try to finish puzzles with scattered pieces; scrabble letters lay dormant, and the lease to Reading Railroad remains in someone else’s hands. We attempt to organize the threads of our life into a perfect little pair, toiling over a well-executed strategy that never quite leaves conception. 

How often do you meditatively scan the cereal aisle of the grocery store, stuck in a reverie, wondering whether Frosted Flakes or Apple Jacks has the least amount of sugar in it, and if you’ll die from diabetes?

I’m nothing more than a pebble vacillating between choppy waters and UV rays, the ringing in my ears reminiscent of the sound that the microwave makes when aluminum foil is inside. 

I call this council meeting to order. Raise your hand if you’ve recently felt the weight of the world, took out the trash, and cried.


Published by Kristyn Potter

Founder of Left Bank Media. Editor of Left Bank Magazine. Copywriter. I write about music, and New York mostly.