Meditation for Healing: Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung

In many traditions, healing is said to occur when you raise your vibration into Divine Alignment (which sounds like a really tough task, but I’m finding incorporating practices and habits little by little might make this more manageable). I discovered Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung today and couldn’t wait until Self Care SundayContinue reading “Meditation for Healing: Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung”

Clean sidewalks

[spoken word/poetry] This council meeting is called to order. Raise your hand if you’ve recently felt overburdened by the weight of the world simply from doing a small, mindless act like taking out the trash.  Those large bins were made to overflow from consumption, sitting in the junkyard of materialism. Celebrate your spending, your materialContinue reading “Clean sidewalks”


Published in Jetset Extra March 2013 “Oslo, Norway: One of the Prettiest Places I Have Been” (feature) March 2013 “Eight Hours in Paris” (feature) January 2013 “Global Street Art” (feature) October 2012 “London, UK: Friday Night in Soho” (travel tips) September 2012 “London, UK: Spending the Day on Marylebone High Street” (tips) July  2012 “London, UK: Talkin’Continue reading “Wanderlust”


Strategized and managed digital marketing campaigns for global entertainment brands and produced marketing calendar for various digital channels // Wrote direct-to-consumer marketing copy for websites and landing pages, emails, social media assets and advertisements, and blog // Product Descriptions: Outlander Store, Better Call Saul Store Initiated and developed content marketing program, from ideation and strategy toContinue reading “Marketing”


DIGITAL PR  Client: POPmarket Placement in global vinyl and music publications around exclusive products and deals. FleaMarket Funk The Second Disc The Vinyl District Client: Columbia Records Placement in Billboard Magazine regarding Bob Dylan App, built and powered by rGenerator. View article. Client: Sue’s News Bookstore Social media and traditional PR strategies for a St. LouisContinue reading “PR”

Graduate Thesis: Semiotics // Street Art // Rhetoric

My graduate thesis Global Art And Media: The Semiotics of Street Art is a cross-disciplinary approach to understanding and evaluating street art as it relates to rhetoric and semiotics. See below for portions from Abstract. View the site here.     ABSTRACT FOR GLOBAL ART AND MEDIA: THE SEMIOTICS OF STREET ART Situation Analysis Global ArtContinue reading “Graduate Thesis: Semiotics // Street Art // Rhetoric”

Firefly. // A Short Story

Firefly. Kristyn M. Potter He stood outside of her front door, glancing down at the last text correspondence that they had collectively engaged in, shocked that he had made it to this point, and so quickly. It had only been a few days of their texting- day-long endeavours, beginning with a coy text about aContinue reading “Firefly. // A Short Story”

What I’m Currently Writing

Today my dear bandmate texted me to tell me that I was going to be an inspiration for one of the characters in her upcoming novel that she was working on for National Novel Writing Month. Shit, I thought, I hope the character is the cool version of myself and not the introspective, deeply spastic, equallyContinue reading “What I’m Currently Writing”


The brisk spring air enveloped your body, The night sky left soft kisses on your face, You passed us by into the night, A beautiful mind to erase. Deep along the constellations, Your fallen tears sparkle like glitter from afar, Still air moves us, Waves crash, damaging our hearts, Rest, just rest, As your shipContinue reading “Elements.”

A Tale of Two Cities: The Situation in Ferguson

A Tale of Two Cities: The Situation in Ferguson News of the Michael Brown execution by Ferguson police has the nation in an uproar; the world in a heightened sense of involvement for the global movement against injustice, particularly where officials in authority are concerned. Cat Power and Sky Ferreira frequently post radical images onContinue reading “A Tale of Two Cities: The Situation in Ferguson”

Music Journalism

Music Journalism Interviews June 2014- I Am Oak (Left Bank Magazine) November 2012- Nina Sky| More than Reggaeton Duo (PLAYBACK: stl) October 2012- Kung Fu Crime Wave| Family Band (PLAYBACK: stl) October 2012- Choir of Young Believers (PLAYBACK: stl) October 2012-​ YACHT | Transcending Culture (PLAYBACK: stl) October 2012-​ BRAINSTORM | Relationship, or Band? (PLAYBACK: stl) October 2012-​ Robert DeLong|Existential Whiz Kid (PLAYBACK: stl) Reviews  MarchContinue reading “Music Journalism”

Gloucester Place.

An imprint, A first impression, A desire to get things right A post A notice A glance across a room A glass Spectacles Clear skies, Set sail A heavy heart That evaporates with the rain Dark clouds A pond … A tiny  glimmer of hope, Unfaltering. Always there, always there.