Strategized and managed digital marketing campaigns for global entertainment brands and produced marketing calendar for various digital channels // Wrote direct-to-consumer marketing copy for websites and landing pages, emails, social media assets and advertisements, and blog // Product Descriptions: Outlander Store, Better Call Saul Store Initiated and developed content marketing program, from ideation and strategy to…Read more Marketing

Graduate Thesis: Semiotics // Street Art // Rhetoric

My graduate thesis Global Art And Media: The Semiotics of Street Art is a cross-disciplinary approach to understanding and evaluating street art as it relates to rhetoric and semiotics. See below for portions from Abstract. View the site here.     ABSTRACT FOR GLOBAL ART AND MEDIA: THE SEMIOTICS OF STREET ART Situation Analysis Global Art…Read more Graduate Thesis: Semiotics // Street Art // Rhetoric

Art //

  Visual Art Mixed Media- Newspaper, Acrylic, Flower, Euro, Tassel on Canvas Graduate Thesis on the Semiotics of Street Art // Info here. Wrote a graduate thesis paper that analyses the viability of street art as a cultural narrative, using prominent texts on semiotics, art history, and rhetoric. Captured original images of street art in…Read more Art //