A Tale of Two Cities: The Situation in Ferguson

A Tale of Two Cities: The Situation in Ferguson News of the Michael Brown execution by Ferguson police has the nation in an uproar; the world in a heightened sense of involvement for the global movement against injustice, particularly where officials in authority are concerned. Cat Power and Sky Ferreira frequently post radical images onContinue reading “A Tale of Two Cities: The Situation in Ferguson”

Go tell it on the mountain- Fellowship on Zion’s hill

March 8, 2010 By Kristyn Potter For 92 years, the National Association of the Church of God Campmeeting has been providing a spiritual oasis for people of all ages. The directional leadership and pure motivation found on Zion’s Hill is just what this years Campmeeting was focused on, Embracing the Kingdom as Servants.  While theContinue reading “Go tell it on the mountain- Fellowship on Zion’s hill”

Somebody Pass Me Some Tissues

By K. Potter ST. LOUIS, MO.- Legacy Bookstore and Cafe featured an open mic night on Friday, July 30,2010. The vibe was overwhelming with support and unparalleled repressed emotion. The evening began with a segment of vocals performed by Louis Confliction. Despite the open floor plan that permitted and encouraged familial intimacy, the night was young.Continue reading “Somebody Pass Me Some Tissues”