Clean sidewalks

[spoken word/poetry] This council meeting is called to order. Raise your hand if you’ve recently felt overburdened by the weight of the world simply from doing a small, mindless act like taking out the trash.  Those large bins were made to overflow from consumption, sitting in the junkyard of materialism. Celebrate your spending, your materialContinue reading “Clean sidewalks”


The brisk spring air enveloped your body, The night sky left soft kisses on your face, You passed us by into the night, A beautiful mind to erase. Deep along the constellations, Your fallen tears sparkle like glitter from afar, Still air moves us, Waves crash, damaging our hearts, Rest, just rest, As your shipContinue reading “Elements.”

Gloucester Place.

An imprint, A first impression, A desire to get things right A post A notice A glance across a room A glass Spectacles Clear skies, Set sail A heavy heart That evaporates with the rain Dark clouds A pond … A tiny  glimmer of hope, Unfaltering. Always there, always there.

If I Smear Any More of my Mascara It Will Look Like I’ve Been Crying

February 2013 If I had a text message for every tweet Or every song That you ever wrote about me, I would be disillusioned with love. The most that I’ve gotten from you Is a spoiled memory, And 140 characters of ambiguity. The cheapest mascara I’ve bought was for 1.99 Next time ill make sureContinue reading “If I Smear Any More of my Mascara It Will Look Like I’ve Been Crying”

In Flight

She closed her eyes And lived; She could be free. A silent refusal to answer to others demands … There was a halo above her head, Like birds in flight. She slept. One day she would open her eyes and Live, live, live. But for now, she was free, In flight Among her thoughts.


Fugue, February 2009 Love is a symphony, Cascading conflicting notes in wanderer’s ears. Combining moments of past and present Silent enough for all to hear. Love and hate is its recurring theme An endless neurotic confusion Emotions fusion, A simple fugue. Doing damage control on the heart, Impatiently waiting for the piano interlude. Love isContinue reading “Fugue”