Clean sidewalks

[spoken word/poetry] This council meeting is called to order. Raise your hand if you’ve recently felt overburdened by the weight of the world simply from doing a small, mindless act like taking out the trash.  Those large bins were made to overflow from consumption, sitting in the junkyard of materialism. Celebrate your spending, your materialContinue reading “Clean sidewalks”

Firefly. // A Short Story

Firefly. Kristyn M. Potter He stood outside of her front door, glancing down at the last text correspondence that they had collectively engaged in, shocked that he had made it to this point, and so quickly. It had only been a few days of their texting- day-long endeavours, beginning with a coy text about aContinue reading “Firefly. // A Short Story”

Super short story

Ernest Hemingway apparently won a bet by writing a short story that was fewer than ten words: For sale. Baby Shoes. Never worn. While I am not Hemingway, I have written my own ten word short story below. Titled, 2010: She sighed heavily, ripped her degree; and sold coffee.