What I’m Currently Writing

Today my dear bandmate texted me to tell me that I was going to be an inspiration for one of the characters in her upcoming novel that she was working on for National Novel Writing Month. Shit, I thought, I hope the character is the cool version of myself and not the introspective, deeply spastic, equallyContinue reading “What I’m Currently Writing”

Keep Your Shouts to a Minimum, I’m Trying to Sleep

Performed at the Tea Lounge in Brooklyn, “I’m in a long distance band. But they aren’t here. So its just me, and this song, which is now just a poem. Enjoy.” -Song for the Liberal Arts band-   I don’t want to hear your voice, a voice, any voices. I don’t want to hear anythingContinue reading “Keep Your Shouts to a Minimum, I’m Trying to Sleep”